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Overseas adventure travel-Your dream trip

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Overseas adventure travel-Your dream trip

Traveling can be exciting and quite educative in terms of understanding the earth furthermore, seeing different landscapes, climate etc. Supreme of all, I lovetravel traveling by road as compared to flying. This way is able to appreciate the actual geography of the places before my final destination.

Even if, some people do not appreciate traveling. It is found that most times we are actually traveling from one point to another. Traveling is part of our everyday activities; people go for work, business, holidays and may other interesting stuffs.

Travel also extents to going overseas; places that are beyond the borders of your country of territory. As it is said today that we live in a global village, people are traveling across country for different things; to see relatives, work assignment, business investment, sports and tours.

Every person has had heard of some exciting place or country during time of growing, in addition developed curiosity to visit that place erstwhile along the journey of life. My dream country has always been Canada. I have desired from childhood visit that country. This has been my dream trip looking ahead of my journey of life.

Traveling has and will always be an exciting activity that God has given mankind, though tiring but it is also a source of excitement and happiness. Just imagine how excited you were or you will be when you take that dream trip you have been looking forward to taking.

Travel beyond your borders

In most instance, it is a dream come true for people when you travel outside your territory or country. A young lady had spent 27 years living in the countryside where no vehicles pass. One miracle day as she puts it, a young man from the city came to ask her a hand in marriage. She was extremely happy to migrate to the urban area, in this case a big city.

Imagine she did not sleep for two days preparing for the journey to go to live in a place she completely has no crew about how they live. It means her every day activities will change, needless to say, she will have to learn new things. She was afraid and at the same time excited. Eventually she had to migrate to town and start a life.

Along the way, while living in town she connected to with friends and this time they have to go to another country to do business. Just imagine her excitement, from a village girl to an international business woman.

travelFirst of all, traveling beyond border made her life change from one level to another meeting new people and different encounters. It’s actually personal development as you learn new things that you are not aware of, consequently comes in self-esteem to self-actualization.

Knowledge is power but experience for me is more powerful. What I mean is, I may have learned in school or on google map where Canada is, to the northwest of the world. It will be more significant if I go to Canada and experience whatever I have learned in theory about that country. This experience will elevate my theory knowledge to realistic or practical.

The world currently is a global village, trade and commerce has grown insurmountably henceforth a prerequisite to coexists and trade interchangeably. Traveling beyond the borders opens doors to understand what others are doing which you are not doing in your country. This can culminate into an opportunity to help your country develop as you heighten the chance.

A lot of people are comfortable living in local territories afraid to travel abroad. I personally, appreciated people who travel because they always bring good tiding. David Livingstone travel to Africa in the earlier years created trade between Africa and Great Britain and many others traveled by sea risking lives discovering new places, food, people, precious stones, trees and many more.

Achieve your dream trip

What has been your dream place or you dream trip? Our mind allows as to imagine things and as we action on them, we do have a life gratification. If you explore well in your subconscious you will find that dream trip and place you have always wanted to experience. Is it the white beach of Bahamas or the Victoria falls or Machu Picchu, or night helicopter tour in Las-Vegas? Take a deep breath, find that exciting trip that ignites your imagination.


A lot of individuals die without experiencing dream places or trips. Let me be quick to say, it is not easier to taking your dream trip to materialize. It may require you to save a lot of funds and lifetime preparation. Some effort will be required for this outing. A lot of what we call today as tourist take time to prepare tour journey. They work so hard to go on this tour, so that they experience new things, which is also very important to life.

I am attempted to say that people with misplaced priorities think, tourist are people who have a lot of money and they do not know where to spend money. This is not true, we all can at one time take a tour to some place or country we have been dreaming. Subsequently, we all have dreams but what is needed is to established goals and work towards attaining them.

It is key to apprehend that a tour helps one meet exclusive people, create new networks and opportunities. These can be the positive side effects of you taking the trip. Do not let it die by doing nothing, or die without achieving it.

The trip may bring great excitement which will make you live long. We live in a very stressful world; surrounded by many projects, challenges and problems which often times makes higher brain metabolism cursing a lot of body problems. It is very health to relax, take a break, get excited rejuvenate your body.

The excitement of traveling


No one travels to a dream country putting on a with a gloomy face, unless they under duress (taken against their will). The first time I was flying outside my country I was so excited that I could not sleep that night. I was in full anticipation of the flight and experience thereof. As soon as, I came back I would tell almost all my friend about my journey overseas with a smile obviously.

A married couple went for a vacation in Mauritius, the excursion had created such a bond between them in the marriage. The husband would narrate, he said, we communicate well with my wife now”. Much importantly, he chuckled, “when we have a misunderstanding, I do remind my wife of a good moment in Mauritius then she would laugh and the argument is resolved just like that’.

A dream trip or any other traveling should not be stressful. Always make your traveling more exciting and extraordinary whether it’s a business or work related. Learn to plan your travel and add in appearing escapades. Reach out to people you do not know, network exchange contacts and be adventurous.

Try new foods; sea foods, African cuisine, Japanese green tea, and many others. Be outgoing you are not an FBI on duty. Take selfies and photos with new people, this way you will keep your memories of the tour. Take keen to learn other people’s language, try speak some few words and let them control and laugh at you.

Make your travel exploratory

Adventurous travel is one which you will not easily forget when you remember the crazy things you did. Let the true self come out of the shell to express yourself differently from your regular day to day prescribed life. In life people habitually conceal themselves in a shell to be associated otherwise in a society or work place.travel

Imagine yourself at the Bahamas white beach in a formal dress. It would not make sense at all. Ladies in this circumstance, will be time to ware bikini shout the loudest to the sea, make a castle, duck yourself in the sand. It is time to remember when you were a child in expressing yourself. You sing your favorite song with your horse voice and you don’t care.

This is how life should be seen, your adventure, my adventure our adventure and our world. Know your earth with experience not in text books and grandparent’s stories. Be adventurous…!!!

Make your bucket list

travelPlanning and setting goals always makes us achieve whatever we want to accomplish. In a business setup business owners set goals, which stand as a measure of achievement. In the lot we do as human being setting goals is paramount to life achievement.

Setting your dream trip goals will be paramount to achieving your trip. It is important to come up with a bucket list of your destinations. You cost the entire trip to eliminate any challenges that can cause your travel traumatic. There are a lot of travel agencies that will help to achieve your dream. I advocate you use them as you plan to achieve that trip or trips

Be Never afraid to travel and try new things. Put a list of countries or places you visit in the next 5 years. And let’s all be tourist at one time or the other because traveling is good.

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