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Essay on Networking_the Importance

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Essay on Networking_the Importance


NetworkingNetworking should be viewed as a life skill that is developed knowingly and unknowingly as we grow in the society. When a child is born, it is blank without any knowledge of what is going on at present. The first step of the child is to communicate to the parents that it is alive by crying.

This is the first step to build a network with the parents and later the family members. The child must do this to core exist with the people it has found on the outside world. In our lineage of birth, we are connected to a lot of people that we may not even know. Thus, to say for any person to survive on the earth, it will be imperative to create Networks.

The world developing and the way people have been networking has also improved over time. Technology has played an important role in the transformation and improvement of networking. The business world has embraced networking as it prays a crucial part in growing the organization for it being competitive.

A lot of research has been conducted calling on educators, ethnic groups’ leaders, administrators and policymakers to focus on networking as a way of promoting globalization. One of the major importance of networking is bringing the world together so that people can socially communicate and business trade.

The Importance of Networking

When I was working for a bank as an internal Sales consultant, I placed upon myself through the bank internal pieces of training to give the best customer service to the customers. Many times, without noticing gave good advice with prejudice to customers.

Though I would despise it, customers started calling me non working hours for assistance. However, little did I know, was building a network with individuals from all walks of life. My social life grew, become more knowledgeable and lots of life-changing opportunities.

A have a chance to give financial counsel to a medical doctor who was groaning in debt. Somewhat my recommendation made the doctor come out of debt and we become friends. While I was giving her financial advice, he would reciprocate by giving me medical information.

When I had a tragedy my young brother and sister got burnt in a fire, when taken to the hospital, it was my doctor friend who took good care of them. Though my brother passed on, I appreciated the good care that was given to him and my young sister.

A person may not have all the answers to life. Therefore, it is important to network to get affiliated subsequently co-exist.

The intellectual presentation in different work areas will be improved depending on how connected you are, vertically and horizontally. Sometimes creativity comes by how much time spend with like-minded people who critics the status cause.

Our involvement in social and business conferences and social grouping builds self-confidence and self-esteem that maybe need in our career development and enhance our personal business.

Networking in Business

When a manager of a business is well networked, it builds self-confidence to effectively run the business meet its targets. In business, networking is a resourceful tool for productivity and informative collective decisions.

Many people like sitting in the back office and do not have the poise to be frontlines of the business. I sometimes feel being a back-office CEO or manager does actively grow the business. Most seen aggressive managers and CEO do not just sit in the back office having coffee, gets out to network with the customers for business continuity.

Networking is a mutual relationship with the customer, a channel to build futures transactions with or friends of the customer. It is through networking that you can build your business with the customer or through your customer’s network.

Good networking is not built overnight, it requires patience and a positive approach. Remember it is a two-way progressive technique based on mutual understanding. When well achieved builds trust and goodwill for the business. With this kind, a business can thrive in a difficult situation based on the clientele build through networking.

A well-networked business or manager is stable and has a high rate of growth. Jump out of the boat and start swimming the waters of networking. The results are marvelous and great.

Essay of Networking

I like attending trade and professional association meetings, volunteering for community work, visiting with other members of one’s social clubs or religious groups, posting messages on mailing lists, and talking to other people in one’s community.

As former members of Chi-Alpha member a Christian fellowship during my time at University, we have created a group of associates. In this group, we discuss ways and means to help and support the Chi-Alpha Christian fellowship in universities.

Among many duties the associate’s solicitor funds to support the fellowship for the yearly mission trip. This is the time when the fellowship goes in secondary schools and communities to conduct talk shows about the importance of tertiary education and its benefits to the community and country at large. Many people are encouraged especially those who live in the countryside.

Developing and encouraging networking skills for the community is and will be important for me and everybody, but particularly for those with limited information of what Investment in Knowledge is offering globally.

Many people with great career goals have not yet heard what Investment in Knowledge and particularly networking could enhance to attain higher education even be awarded a scholarship.

The onus is on the beneficiaries to create opportunities whereby people can research, talk to, and network with those working in careers of interest and more likely they will be able to make informed choices regarding their future.

An investment in the knowledge community discusses the important concept of an informational interview. Information interview being a networking activity important to the career development and career exploration process.

An information interview is a discussion with a person who is doing or has done the kind of course or work in which you are interested. It is an excellent system to use when you want to: explore different options; learn more about certain occupations and academic qualifications; and/or begin to network with people who can help you in your search.

The primary purpose of this concept of information interview is to obtain information that will help someone make a good career goal and how they are going to achieve it.

Networking the Future of Development

The governments are constructing new universities to help equip the youths and new entrepreneurs with knowledge in Investments and business management. It remains a great challenge for me as a young entrepreneur to take a keen interest in growing and improving my skills in the study so that I can pass it on to others for the benefit of our country’s development.

I believe in sharing or transfer of knowledge; through lecturing or teaching at all levels of social improvement and development. The more economic knowledge people have the better they can make informed and wise decisions towards household development that spreads to national development. Kindly leave a message for this block and click here to learn self marketing.

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