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Evening my clan…

I graduated with a Degree in social work at the University of Zambia in 2014.

During those years at the University and after my degree I enrolled for so many short courses, training and certificate Programmes. By the time I was graduating from university of Zambia I had 38 certificates from short courses and training. After my graduation which I never attended because I was in UK getting another paper I continued to better myself and I now have countless papers to my name.

Last year I was chosen by Nanyang University in collaboration with London Graduate school to be conferred with a Doctorate in Humanities and Education. I flew to Singapore a very beautiful country to get my Doctorate at age 27.Nanyang is ranked 1st in Singapore & Asia Pacific, and 11th in the world according to the 2018 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, and was voted number 6 most credible international school.

I cannot begin to tell you just how many opportunities I have gotten and how many doors have easily opened, how many offices I enter without appointment, how many of my projects are instantly approved and how much I get paid for simply giving a talk at an event because of the title of Dr I recently acquired.

I see so many people trying to encourage young people to belittle Education and I simply nod my head in disbelief. Education makes you walk, talk, think, eat and breath confidence. Education opens so many doors that Lock cannot open for you. Education puts you at par. Education makes you sit with queens and kings giving them lectures on how they should run their kingdoms. Education makes you compete cleverly on the international market, Education makes you eligible before you even open your mouth. Education gives you the ability to think globally and internationally it simply makes you an international think tank.

In this generation with everything they want education from being a security guard to being CEO of a company everyone must have some sort of Education.

To you young people I say never be cheated Education makes you the boss as it removes the component of dependency which brings vulnerability and you become in charge.

Your husband, your wife, your children, your family can abandon you and take everything away but they can never take Education away from you and in this jungle you will definitely survive.

With Education people will think twice before they speak to you, they will check before they act, people will not belittle you or trash you, people will be careful how they address or treat you because they know you are informed and have set yourself aside.

I say to you young people never let your situation stop you from getting an Education and upgrading yourself. Start with something simple even a certificate, get a job and sponsor your diploma before you know it you will have a degree.look around you make a small garden, sell vegetables, start a small shop, get muddy and sweaty so that you push yourself to get an Education because when you do, no one will ever know you swept floors or cleaned toilets, on that day you will be in a gown, you will all be called graduates and the Salary or knowledge will be the same.

As a young person be interested in using the internet to connect yourself with productivity, scholarships, opportunities, Education policies and with many things that will build you for time is running out we must be competent and qualified if we young people are to get the mantle of Leadership and lead.

Tonight I challenge you young people to check yourself how much time you spend on social media Gossip and how much time you spend checking on pages that offer scholarships, job opportunities or analyze our country’s economy or policies. I have traveled to over 31 countries because of social media, I have spoken on great platforms because of social media. I challenge you to check what you post, what you watch and what you read online I tell you time is running out my fellow young people this country is yearning for young people that can lead it with creativity and speak from an informed point.

Education is not for you to get employment but to be knowledgeable enough to be ready when you employ others.

I challenge you today, no one will pick up the pen and apply for you must do it yourself you must be in charge of your life.

Become in charge today…..

Change someone’s life…. Today is your day… Believe in yourself today…

Am cut from a different cloth…..

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